We had the pleasure of having Good Day Tampa bay One Tank Trip stop by and learn what escape rooms and Escape Countdown are all about!

TAMPA (FOX 13) – The Good Day girls decided to switch things up for this month’s One Tank Trip.

Rather than sending one person out for an excursion, they decided to join forces for a group outing that actually landed them locked in…and locked up!
That’s right! In orange jumpsuits and all- Laura Moody, Jennifer Epstein, Vanessa Ruffes and Taylor Katz were thrown behind bars, and given just one hour to break free.

Photo One Tank Trip: Good Day girls and the Jail Break escape room
It was all part of the fun new trend of interactive escape rooms, and took place at Escape Countdown on Kennedy Boulevard.

The company offers a choice of themed rooms- An Evening in Paris, Escape from Gaspar Island, Mad Hatter, and Jail Break.

Based on the mug shots and the opportunity to wear those gorgeous orange jumpsuits, the girls decided jail break was their best bet.

After suiting up, they were told they’d been charged for stealing the Super Bowl trophy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that they’d have an hour to escape from their cell, break into the warden’s office, hack into his computer, delete their mug shots and then break free.

They had to crack secret codes, solve puzzles, think critically and – most importantly –work together as a team to succeed.

And with just about four minutes left on the clock, that’s just what they did!