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Are you serious about building a successful work team? It can be tough and challenging because people bring everything about whom they are to the team. This includes opinions, knowledge, values, past work experiences, upbringing, education, prior team experiences, life and work goals, and skills in communication and team building. But teamwork and collaboration can be taught and developed. You can use all of these tips and ideas to build a successful work team.

Skills Used While Escaping



We all know communication is key. But in an escape challenge team members quickly realize that their success requires sharing information and including the entire team.

Problem Solving

We encourage team members to look at things differently and consider out of the box ideas to find solutions to the game.


Everyone collaborates and works together toward a common goal, with each team member providing their own unique perspectives.

Critical Thinking

Our Escape games test your team’s ability to analyze and apply reasoning and logic to solve problems.

Time Management

We face deadlines frequently in our work environment. One of the unique features of team building at Escape Countdown is the ability to simulate deadlines, as teams have 60 minutes to successfully complete the challenge.
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