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Rosemarie Litchfield 5 Star Review

My kids and I booked the Jail Escape for my Birthday. We had an incredible time! I wouldn’t change a thing about our experience. It started as we came in the door and were greeted by the owners. They were jovial and helped put us in the mood that this was gonna be fun! And it WAS fun!

I highly recommend this activity for birthdays, family get togethers, or a group of friends. In fact, I recommend it to everyone for any occasion!

Chauntina Mays 5 Star Review

My boss treated our Division Team to Escape Countdown and dinner for my birthday last month. We had an absolute blast! We are all super competitive and work well together as colleagues. This served us well and crossed over to our prison break experience. The escape experience was not easy but so much fun. The rooms seemed realistic (no prior jailbreaks) and once we were in our prison jumpsuits and handcuffs, we went into escape mode. We were able to escape with about 3 minutes to spare. I can hardly wait to go again for the next birthday so two thumbs up.

Tierra Rose 5 Star Review

Found this place by just googling escape rooms. My girlfriend and I have done 8 rooms before this one and have had good and bad experiences. We did the mad hatter room and had an absolute blast! It really felt like we were in wonderland. After we got out, Ronald took our picture and struck up a conversation about different rooms. He was very caring, experienced, and held a great conversation with us. Our host, who gave us the story of our room was also great and energetic! (Didn’t get his name though). We will be coming back to try all the other rooms! Great room details and great staff! 

Monica Dabney Eiermann 5 Star Review

Our party of 8 included 6 people that are new to escape rooms. The man that took us into the room was very energetic and friendly. We successfully escaped Gaspar’s Island, but it definitely was challenging. We had a great time and the newbies in our group thought it was awesome! We will be back to try more rooms.

Julie Ashlock 5 Star Review

We have accomplished getting out of the 2 of the escape rooms so far!!!! Its such a blast to put your brain to work to solve the puzzles – the clues are so creative, and when you go with a group, its really cool to see everyone come together to escape!!! The rooms are decorated awesomely and the hosts are amazing!!! Don’t wait – go escape!!!

Lisa M Porter 5 Star Review

Great experience for our first escape room. Jailbreak was awesome! Our 8 year old had a better time in this escape room then two theme parks! The staff here was amazing, welcoming and energetic. They made us feel right at home! Thanks a bunch for a fun time!

Ashley Hemenway Bly 5 Star Review

This place was great! The staff was super nice and a lot of fun. My best friend and I did the prison break and it was so so fun! We almost made it out but didn’t quite get it. We’ll be back for sure!



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