5 Tips to Unleash Your Super Powers and Beat an Escape Room

Escape Rooms have broken out into the public and they are the hidden secret for an amazing night out! With the increase in people playing escape games you can imagine there to be a ton of “advice” and “tips” for the escape artists.  You know we can’t give you a step by step walk thru of our rooms but we can feed you some tips and tricks to help beat the Escape Countdown!  Many of us mild mannered citizens are just waiting with creative super powers!  You will need to assemble a wise super team of problem solvers, critical thinkers, and outside the box players to make up your team! Once you have your Super Team, here is a list of 5 tips to help your team be successful!

1. Observe EVERYTHING! Even more then once…

Ending up in a new room that you’ve never seen is a bit overwhelming, sometimes mentally paralyzing once the doors close and it hits that your locked in!  Usually the first thought is where do we start??? First things, first, use your powers of observation to look at your whole surroundings and find every possible clue.  If it’s in the room, its there on purpose.  Their may be clues that take you down the right path and some down the wrong but everything is important!  You don’t want to think to yourself at the end “How did we miss that!!!!” when something is so obvious you pass it right up!  So get dirty, crawl around, and look under and over everything!  You never know what you will find and when it will come in handy. Clue’s are everywhere and made up of everything!

2. Communication is KEY

Communication is the key power to unlocking the rooms secrets and solving the puzzles! It is essential to be able to communicate with your team and not be afraid to speak up with a great idea or thought.  You may think that you’re the only one thinking of something, meanwhile the whole team is on the same wave length but afraid to say it!  So speak up!  Theirs a saying, see something, Say something!  It may not make sense to you sometimes, but it could set off a light bulb in your teams’ mind solving a puzzle.  Unless you can read minds, be sure to speak up!

3. Keep all the Clues in mind

Keeping track of your clues is essential.  Some clues may be immediately helpful and some might not have a purpose until then end. Your memory of these clues, and when to use them may end up being the key to saving the city and escaping in time!  You would hate to get to the end have misplaced the key you find in the beginning or a code that would let you out or solve the final puzzle.  Keep a mental log of everything you find or even lay them out in order as you find them!  

4. If your stuck, try something new!

If you have been spinning your wheels on one puzzle or lock for what seems to be an eternity, try to let one of your team mates work on it.  A fresh set of eyes may be all it takes.  All of our brains work differently and we all bring different strengths into the escape room.  We can’t always use super strength to just blast through the walls!  Take that time of passing off a lock or puzzle to start a new puzzle or look for another clue! That break could be just what was needed for your mind to break through! Sometimes a new perspective is all that’s needed! No matter what you will need to be able to move from task to task and solve the puzzles together to beat the Escape Countdown clock!

5. Don’t be afraid to take HINTS!

We want everyone to be successful and we can offer you hints to guide you from the path you may have strayed from! It’s understandable that your pride may take a hit asking for a hint. But do you know what’s going to hurt even more then your pride? Letting the Clock beat you and not escaping in time. Knowing when to ask for help is a very valuable and underrated skill in escape games, so feel not ashamed. Ask for that hint, it may come in the form of puzzle… It wouldn’t be fun if we gave you step by step instructions now would it?

Before asking for a hint maybe run down this checklist:

  • ○ has every discovered clue been used yet?
  • ○ Did you miss any obvious clues?
  • ○ Step back and get a big picture of the whole room again.

If you still don’t have any new ideas or found any new clues after 5-10 minutes, push your pride to the side and ask for a hint! Remember, the countdown is still ticking!

Whether you want to challenge the warden in our Prison Break, or fall down the rabbit hole in the Mad Hatters Escape, fall in love and escape a Night in Paris, walk the plank in Escape From Gaspar’s Island, or fight to save the world in Dr. Lectrix Lab!

Do you and your friends, family, or co-workers have what it takes to be a team of Super Heroes beating the Countdown and Escape!  Find out! Book your adventure now!