What is Escape Countdown?

Escape Countdown is a fully immersive entertainment experience. You and your team will be locked in an interactive room with its own unique theme that will require the players to make observations, solve puzzles and use critical thinking skills to escape the room. The only catch is you only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and ESCAPE the room! The clock is ticking....
Let the countdown begin!

Who Can Escape?

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& Friends

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& Enthusiasts

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& Teachers

Newest Escape Game


An Evening in Paris

Treat your special Sweetheart to a romantic “Evening in Paris”. Enjoy a glass of champagne and nibble on chocolate while you relax in our party room with your special Sweetheart.

Then enter the world of Paris for an exciting 60 minute escape game. At the end of your adventure, take home a souvenir gift.

Locations Available: Tampa, Sarasota
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